203K Mortgage – What Repairs Can I Make With The FHA 203K Renovation Loan?

The FHA 203K Mortgage, also known as the FHA Home Renovation Loan is intended for minor repairs and renovations to your home that you currently own or to a home that you want to buy. In general, you will not have to provide architecture plans and detailed schematics for these types of renovations.
The 203K home renovation mortgage is also not the mortgage you would use to put an addition on your home.
Below you will find a list of home repairs and renovation ideas that you can do with the 203K Mortgage.

What Renovations Qualify For The FHA 203K Mortgage

Fix, upgrade, or replace home air conditioning and heating – HVAC sytems

Make upgrades, fix, or replace plumbing and electrical systems

Fix, replace, or upgrade your roof, gutters and downspouts

Repair, replace, or upgrade flooring

Interior and exterior painting – including lead based paint abatement

Repair, Install new external siding

Improve weatherization aspects of your home to include storm windows, storm doors, insulation, weather stripping, etc.

Upgrade, replace appliances such as stoves, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, washers and dryers

American Disabilities Act improvements to your home for persons with disabilities living in the home

Repair, upgrade, replace, or add exterior decks, patios, porches

Waterproof, Finish or remodel your basement not including structure improvements or corrections

Fix and or repair Septic and Well Systems