Do You Have To Pay Taxes On A Debt Settlement?

Paying Taxes To The IRS on a Debt Settlement is still a good deal. Settling your bad credit card debt to be debt free may be worth paying taxes. The taxes due on settled debt is still typically worth it. Check with tax consultant about what you might owe or if you are insolvent.

What Is Debt Negotiation – Does Debt Negotiation Work?

What is debt negotiation? Does debt negotiation work? Most people never find out because they know little about how to settle and negotiate with collectors. Collectors want to settle to get something versus nothing if…

How Do I Know When I Should Choose Debt Settlement?

The phone keeps ringing and you know who it is – the bill collector. Is it bugging you yet? Have you missed important phone calls because you have been screening your calls? What else have you been doing? Here are some more signs that point to hiring a debt settlement company to help.

How Do Debt Settlement Companies Make Their Money?

Debt settlement companies need to make money too. Afterall, you have not paid your bills and now you are hiring them to negotiate your collection and charged off credit card accounts. They should be paid for their services. Part of their compensation is based on what they save you.

What is The Difference Between Debt Settlement and Consumer Credit Counseling?

Debt Settlement and Consumer Credit Counseling are both effective ways to get you out of debt. However, one requires that your credit still be good, while the other works best when your credit already in the outhouse.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Debt Settlement Company to Get Out of Debt

Being in debt is no fun. Have debt in collection is even worse. Especially if you are getting calls from debt collectors and your credit card collection departments. Debt settlement is one option for getting out of debt and there are certain advantages of it.

How Do Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement Programs Work?

Debt Settlement Companies stand between you and the collectors who keep calling. Debt settlement is all about settling your debt for less than you owe. If you are tired of getting calls at all hours of the day then this information is for you.

Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation – Which Solution is Right For You?

There are many ways to get out of debt including: debt settlement, bankruptcy, and debt consolidation. Each solution has its merit. If you are already behind on your bills you may consider debt settlement.

Debt Negotiation aka Debt Settlement, What It Is Not, Is It Right For Me?

There is much written about debt settlement or debt consolidation, both pro and con. Critics of debt negotiation have a valid point with respect to bad debt settlement companies. This article spells out what debt consolidation is not.

Re-Aging A Credit Account – What Is It? How Do I Do It?

There are many tips and techniques for improving your credit and your scores. This technique called "Re-Aging" demonstrates to your creditor your intention to pay them as you agreed when you borrowed (charged) their money.

I Am In Debt. How Do I Get Out Of It? Start With How You Got There!

For most of us, getting into debt did not just happen over night. While there are a few exceptions about how someone gets into debt (like a sudden illness or death of a spouse), I suggest that the root of our debt problems in the United States is due to us listening to our wants instead of our needs. The good news, to get out of debt we have to listen to ourselves saying discipline and strategy will get you out of debt.

Tips for Consumer Credit Counseling – Should I Do It? Finding the Right Company

The benefits of a Consumer Credit Counseling program can be great. However, before you start a program take a look at all your options for getting out of debt, and do you homework. There are many companies out there to stay away from. This article covers things to look for in choosing a company.

10 Tips for Negotiating with Collection Agencies, Bill Collectors and Debt Collectors

The phone rings and there is this feeling, it is a debt collection call. It is upsetting to get these calls. But how do you handle them? It is important to handle these calls properly or else you will continue to get harassed until you give in to what they want. They want your hard earned money.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, What Are My Rights If I Owe Money?

Let’s face it, most consumers owe money and at some point, we miss a payment, get ourselves into a jam because we disagree with something we were billed for, or something catastrophic happens and our bills suffer. Even though you either legitimately or illegitimately owe money, you have rights. Knowing these rights could save you a lot of hassle, time and money.

Tips on Negotiating your Debt with Collection Agencies

Tips on Negotiating Debt With Collection Agencies. Settling your debt with a collection agency can be a rough experience. Know how the how the debt collection business works and you could save yourself a lot money and heartache.

Insider Tips – Why use a debt negotiation company?

Given the recent changes in 2005 in the bankruptcy laws, it has gotten tougher for us as consumers to file for bankruptcy. What else can we do, if we get in over our heads with debt and its getting old treading water every month? One alternative is debt negotiation.