What Creditors Can Do – And What They Can’t

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act spells out exactly what debt collectors can do in an effort to collect on a bad debt that you owe. Review a simple list put together to quickly get you the answers you want.

What Is Debt Settlement? An Option If Your Credit Has Gone Bad

Learn what debt settlement is as an option to getting out of debt if your credit is bad and if you have collections, charge offs.

What Is Consumer Credit Counseling? One Option To Get Out of Debt

Are you still making on time payments to your creditors but not making any headway? If so, Consumer Credit Counseling may be one option to get out of debt. Learn what is consumer credit counseling in this article.

Collection Accounts or Not – 4 Options For Getting Out of Debt

Have collection accounts or past due credit accounts? Learn your options for paying off your debt depending on whether you are in collections or past due.

Credit Card Debt Solutions: Debt Settlement Tips

If you are deep in credit card debt and looking for a way out, debt settlement or debt negotiation may be for you. This article gives some debt settlement advice and tips.

I Am Getting Sued By A Creditor – What Do I Do?

Getting Sued By A Creditor requires swift and thorough action. Meet with an attorney to discuss your case and to see if you need representation. Get your old credit card contract and review. You can beat a creditor lawsuit to collect on the debt that you owe them, as well as you are protected by the statute of limitations.

Sample Letter To Stop Creditor Calls

You Can Stop Bill Collector’s Phone Calls. You must mail them a letter. Telling them on the phone will not work. Bill Collectors must treat you with respect and cannot use misleading techniques or profanity when they speak with you. Use this sample letter to send to your bill collectors to stop their phone calls.

Sample Letter – Release For Paying Off A Debt With A Debt Settlement

Negotiating A Debt Settlement to Pay Off Debt Can be an effective way to get out of debt. Protect your efforts by getting a signed release letter showing that you are released from the collection account and that account is paid.

Sample Letter For Correcting Errors On A Credit Card Bill

Filing a Dispute with your Credit Card Company because of a Billing Statement Error or some other reason is not a difficult process. Use this sample letter to write a letter to your credit card company to file a dispute.

Sample Letter – Cease And Desist – How to Stop Collector Harassment

Stop Bill Collector Harassment with a Cease and Desist Communication Letter. Find out how a consumer is protected against harassing phone calls from bill collectors by mailing a cease and desist communication letter to the bill collection agency. Sample Letter contained in this article.

Debt Settlement – Can I Still Qualify for a Mortgage or Auto Loan?

Qualifying for a mortgage or auto loan while in a debt settlement program is possible for a car loan but not likely for a home loan. Credit history and credit scores are important to qualifying for a mortgage or a car loan. Debt Settlement cleans up bad credit and helps you get out of debt in 2-4 years.

Medical Collections And Your Credit Report

Credit Reports and Credit Scores each reflect medical collections accounts. The credit report will show the collection account on your report. Credit scores will show the collection account by going down. Do not take medical bills for granted. Be proactive, call your insurance company first, pay the bill, then negotiate – do not wait until you get a collection notice.

Debt Collection – Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Debt collection agencies or bill collectors purchase past due debt from creditors and then collect the debt from you.

Collection Agencies – How Far Back Can They Reach?

Collection Agencies have rules to follow in their collection practices. Federal and State Statute of Limitations for collection accounts is a guideline bill collectors must follow. As a consumer you are protected; you have rights. Collectors have rules to follow. Bill collectors can collect on a debt for 7 years.

Monthly Income – Meeting Living Expense Needs

Making Ends Meet Each Month is getting more and more difficult for many Americans. Remember this rule: pay the expenses required to live first: food, housing, necessary clothing, transportation. Once essential bills are paid, then catch up on your credit cards and other lesser debt accounts.

What Is A Debt Settlement Attorney?

Debt Settlement Attorneys are hired to negotiate settlements for past due debt that is in collection or charged off status. Debt Lawyers are skilled at negotiating with collection companies and bill collectors to get them to take reduced balance payments for collection accounts. Use a debt settlement attorney if you do not want to the hassle of settling your own bad and past due debt.