Raise My Credit Score – How To Raise My Scores?

Learn the basics of how to raise your credit score if your score is keeping you from qualifying for a mortgage, getting a job, or buying a car.

10 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is important in today’s home buying market. Here are 10 ways to improve your credit rating.

What Is A Credit Score And 10 Things To Know For A Good Credit Rating Score

Learn what is a credit score and credit scores and things you should pay attention to for a good credit rating score.

What Is A Good Credit Score?

A Good Credit Score is any score of 680 or better. A middle credit score of 620 will qualify for a mortgage, but if you improve your scores to more than 680 you will qualify for other mortgage programs.

Signs of A Bad Credit Repair Company – Do Not Get Scammed By What You Do Not Know

Beware of Bad Credit Repair Companies. Learn what might indicate the type of credit repair company to stay away from. What you do not know about Credit Repair that can hurt you.

Does Credit Repair Work To Repair My Credit?

Repair My Credit With Credit Repair. Does Credit Repair Work To Repair My Credit is a popular question. According to the FTC Credit Repair Does Not Work. However, from practical experience it does work to repair your credit.

Smart Credit Tips for a Recession – Pay Attention To Your Credit Scores

US Economy in Recession Tips For Surviving The Recession. Get Credit Scores and Improve Credit Scores is the first tip to getting an auto loan, a mortgage to buy a home, a mortgage refinance.

Credit Repair Companies – What Can They Advertise?

Credit Repair Companies cannot advertise promises to permanently fix your credit report or guarantee the removal of any item off your credit report. They can assist with correcting mistakes on your credit. Credit Repair is a legitimate process of challenging inaccurate or incomplete information on your Credit Report.

How Do You Restore Bad Credit And Credit Scores?

Restoring bad credit and raising your credit scores is a process that takes time, tenacity, knowing how credit bureaus work, knowing how creditors work with past accounts, re establishing credit, good payment history.

Unpaid Library Fines, Traffic Tickets, Parking Tickets, Utility Bills And Credit Scores

Pay your library book past due fines, traffic tickets, parking tickets to avoid a collection agency phone call. Pay utility bills on time to avoid negative account information being reported to the credit bureaus.

FICO Credit Scoring – How Does It Work?

Fico Credit Scores and how credit reports are evaluated use a technique called Score Cards. Credit Scores are determined against other similar Credit Score Cards. Changes to Credit Scores can be because the Score Cards change of the Credit Report and Credit History that is being checked. Give your scores time and they are bound to increase.

Five Fico Score Factors That Make Up Your Credit Scores

Credit Scores Are Your Ticket to a mortgage and owning a home, credit cards, auto loans, insurance, car rentals and many other things in our society. No matter where your credit scores are, it is important to know the factors that go into calculating your credit scores.

Debt Validation Letter – What Is Debt Validation?

Debt Validation is a way to stop collectors from calling. The FDCPA, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act stipulates a collector validate debt they are trying to collect if the debtor requests their debt to be validated.

How Does A Missed or Late Mortgage Payment Affect My Credit Scores?

How Does A Missed or Late Mortgage Payment Affect My Credit Scores? Late mortgage payments are only late if they are 30 days past their due date. A late mortgage payment can significantly drop your credits scores and impact your ability to get future mortgages.

How Do I Stop Identity Theft?

How Do I Stop Identity Theft? Stopping ID Theft comes from preventing ID Theft. Stopping ID Theft takes some effort as ID Thieves get better and better. Use a credit monitoring service like LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention to keep an eye on your credit report.

How To Deal With A Collector

If you have collections you must learn how to deal with a collector. If you ignore collectors calling you you could do more harm, but you must know the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.