Things Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Credit card companies and their policies are one thing, but remember the bottom line – they don’t want you to pay off your balance and they want you to pay around the due date. Learn more about what your credit card company doesn’t want you to know.

Credit Card Rights And Credit Card Rules – Policy Changes On The Way

Credit Card Practices by Credit Credit Card Companies are going to change. New Credit Card Rules will affect late payment fees, late payment interest rate changes, and late payment notification to credit report. No more hard to read billing statements or bogus fees and charges.

Credit Card Debt – How I Learned My Lesson

The story of how I personally racked up – and then eliminated — $23,000 in credit card debt is a unique one, and I am hoping someone else out there can find some solace and a few lessons in the roller coaster ride that has been the last eight years of my financial life.

Will Transfers To Lower Interest Rate Credit Cards Hurt My Credit Scores?

Balance Transfers to lower Interest Rate Credit Cards can be an effective way to get out of debt. If applying for a mortgage or a car loan be careful with opening new credit cards and transferring money to your new credit cards. Credit Scores can drop with new credit and high balances to limits.

Ways To Spot And Prevent Credit Card Fraud and ID Theft

Often Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft can be indicated by similar unauthorized credit card activity, or phone calls from supposed bank and credit card company officials seeking personal information and account information. Learn how to spot credit card fraud and ID Theft and ways to prevent someone from stealing your identity and credit card information.

Why Your Credit Card Company Is A Financial Predator

Credit Card Companies Are Not Your Friend If You Violate Any Portion of Your User Agreement. With late fees, over the limit fees, their ability to change your rate at the blink of an eye, higher rates for this and lower rates for that it seems like they are a financial predator. Here are some tips about credit cards to watch out for.

What Would Be Considered Violations Of The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?

Debt Collectors Have to Abide by the rules of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Collectors often violate the FDCPA because many consumers do not how bill collectors violate the consumer credit laws. Know collector violations and protect yourself.

Cash Back Credit Cards: Spend and Earn Money

Credit cards are great because of their convenience for one reason. But, are you getting most bang for your buck? Try using a reward credit card, like one that offers you cash back based on your new purchases.

Credit Cards Are Convenient – But Can Cost You A Lot Of Money

Credit Card usage over the years has increased to the point of being able to pay your mortgage with it to get air mileage reward points. As convenient as they are, if you make one slip in your payment history watch out.

Credit Cards – Teach Your Kids About Them Early

Start early with teaching your teens about credit cards. Growing up has many challenges. Here are some suggestions.

Tips For Staying Out Of Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are great – when they are used with responsibility and care. If used carelessly they can get one into a heap of debt and creditor trouble real quick. With some easy to follow tips about using your cards, you can enjoy the benefits of having them and maintain a strong credit profile.

Credit Cards – Choose Wisely

With many credit card options on the market it can be difficult to find the card best for you. On the flip side, with so many offers, it is possible to find that one that fits your credit situation and needs. Learn more about the basics of credit cards.

Beating Debt with Credit Card Balance Transfers

Paying off credit card debt can take a long time if you are only paying the minimum payments. If this is all you are going to do, start using a system of doing balance transfers to take advantage of low introductory rate credit card offers. This takes your attention to make sure you are staying within the introductory periods.

Pay Little Or No Interest On Your Credit Card Debt – Okay?

Credit Cards are our friends when we owe nothing on them, and our enemies when we owe money on them. Making the minimum payments to get by is how nearly half of us try to pay down our cards. Given the nature of the credit card, paying the minimum on your cards will take at least 10 years to pay them off. Unless, you use some tricks of the trade to pay them off earlier.

Holiday Shopping, Marketing and Credit Card Debt

"This holiday season, buy something special for the one you love." That’s holiday commercialism and consumerism of the holiday season at its best. Not just this holiday season, but for the holiday seasons that I can remember and I’m in my 40’s. But what is the real drive behind the holiday advertising? Is it to get us to do something nice because the advertisor really cares, or is it to drive their bottom line without regard to yours?

Advance Fee Credit Card? Uhhh…No, Thanks

There are all kinds of versions of credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid debit cards, and advance fee credit card. Of all of these, advance fee credit cards offer a very scary situation if you get caught up in the scam.