What Is A Fraud Alert? How To Do A Fraud Alert?

What Is A Fraud Alert? How To Do A Fraud Alert? Both important consumer credit protection measures to take to help prevent ID – Identity Theft. Place a fraud alert on your credit report if you want to protect your credit and identity.

What To Do If My Mortgage Balance Is More Than Home Is Worth

What to do if my mortgage balance is more than home is worth. Many homeowners face homes values less than mortgage balances. FHA Secure, refinance while subordinating a second mortgage are options.

What is Fannie Mae?

What is Fannie Mae? FNMA? Fannie Mae buys and sells mortgages on the secondary mortgage market not directly from consumers. Fannie Mae is out to ensure affordable housing opportunities for all home buyers in the U.S. News of U.S. Federal Treasury and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

How Can I Publish Articles on GetPreQualified?

How can I publish articles on GetPreQualified? Follow our publishing and editorial guidelines and publish articles on real estate, mortgages, credit, debt settlement, debt negotiation, fixing credit, credit cards, cars, going green around the home, home solar solutions, and other home related topics.

My Credit Is Bad Because I Had A Divorce – Can I Get A Mortgage?

Can I get a mortgage since my credit is bad because I had a divorce. FHA Home Loans are the best option. A flexible, common sense way to buy a home with less than perfect credit.

I Am Self Employed With Tax Write Offs – How To Calculate Income

To qualify for a mortgage how do self employed small business owners with tax writeoffs calculate their income? Buying a home while self employed is harder than it used to be if you do not have much money in the bank and you write everything off.

What Is Debt Settlement?

What is Debt Settlement? Debt settlement is not debt management or CCCS, it is settling collection accounts and charged off creditor accounts. Accounts are typically settled for less than originally owed.

What Is Consumer Credit Counseling Services – CCCS?

What is Consumer Credit Counseling Services, CCCS? CCCS is counseling services to help consumers get out of credit card and unsecured debt fast. Typically companies are members of national associations that govern their activities and ethics.

How Do I Get Rid Of PMI On My Mortgage?

How to get rid of PMI, Private Mortgage Insurance, on my mortgage is a common question in the mortgage industry. PMI will stay on your mortgage for at least two years, among other conditions.

Is Closing Old Credit Card Accounts Bad?

Closing old credit card accounts can hurt more than help your credit scores. Credit scores do not count closed credit card accounts and your debt to limit ratio can be negatively impacted to lower your credit scores.

How Can I Find An FHA Lender With The Lowest Closing Costs?

Find an FHA lender with the lowest closing costs. Start with knowing what closing costs to expect then shop for a FHA licensed mortgage lender or mortgage broker.

What Is The Best Mortgage For Recent Debt Management Program?

The best mortgage program following a recent debt management debt settlement program is an FHA loan. Teacher loans may work from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Buy A Home After Bankruptcy – With Co Signer Or Wait

I want to buy a home after bankruptcy. Can I buy it with a co-signer or will I have to wait? Buying a home after bankruptcy – several options. Wait or have someone else buy home for you and you rent from them.

Should I Pre Qualify With My Husband As First Time Buyers?

My husband has a lot of debt, should we try to buy our home together? We are first time buyers and want to buy our first home, but don’t know what to do.

Buying an Investment Property Different From Buying a Home?

The process of buying an investment property is similar to that of buying a home to live in. There are some differences in how you qualify for an investment property and the loan will be more…

Sample Pre-Approval Letter and Advice On Sales Contract

Answers to frequently asked mortgage and sales contract questions about pre-approval letter and advice on making an offer to a home seller. Bonus information about getting pre-approved.