Five Great Twitter Feeds for Mortgage and Financial Advice

Looking for good sources for sound mortgage and financial advice? If so, keep reading – you’ll find below our five great twitter feeds for mortgage and financial advice.

Social media is great for all sorts of things. It helps pull people together and create relationships. People who have a hard time finding friends in their local areas can go online and find people with similar interests on the web and (finally) find friends and build a support system for themselves. It’s also a great way to learn things and get advice when you need it. Believe it or not, you can use Twitter to get mortgage and other financial advice.

Skeptical? Follow these guys and see how much you can learn in just a day or two!

AmeriSave (@AmeriSave)!

AmeriSave is a great feed to follow if you want to get a beat on what the mortgage industry is up to. The feed is for the AmeriSave Company. They publish offers for free quotes and other consulting services, like any other business would do. At the same time, when you follow AmeriSave on Twitter @AmeriSave you get a great source for articles on current mortgage information from all over the country. The focus is definitely on educating the feed’s followers.

Chris Adams (@ChrisAdamsmkts)

Chris is the Markets’ Editor for the Financial Times, the country’s premier financial periodical. The advice and insight he tweets are representative only of his personal views (meaning his account is not an arm of the Financial Times). If you want to get financial news from someone whose entire job is keeping tabs on the markets and making sure he knows what’s happening as soon as it happens, this is the account to follow.

John Carney (@carney)

John Carney is the Senior editor and a blogger for CNBC, the country’s financial channel. John keeps his followers apprised not just of major happenings within the market but what those happenings mean for the “every man” whose portfolios will be affected by those happenings. His tweets are not limited to article plugs or blog plugs. He tweets personal insights and thoughts as well.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve (@stlouisfed)

Of all of the different regional Federal Reserve twitter accounts, this is one of the best. It publishes charts and articles and insight into a variety of things happening with the country’s currency and financial markets. Unlike personal financial advice accounts, the information here is strictly market-oriented. You won’t find insight or personal opinions here! You’ll find only data and facts!

Katie Martin (@katie_martin_fx)

Katie Martin is the Dow Jones’ editor for currencies and also contributes to the Wall Street Journal. She is hands down the best Forex expert on Twitter. Forex is all the rage right now, so if you want to learn more about it and what the different world currencies are doing (and what those actions mean for you), this is the twitter account to follow.

These are just five of the some of the best financial Twitter feeds out there. Start with them. We promise that, through them, you’ll find at least a dozen more great accounts to keep track of by the end of the week!