Five Great Twitter Feeds for Mortgage and Financial Advice

Looking for good sources for sound mortgage and financial advice? If so, keep reading – you’ll find below our five great twitter feeds for mortgage and financial advice. Social media is great for all sorts of things. It helps pull people together and create relationships. People who have a hard time finding friends in their […]

What Documents Do I Need To Get A Mortgage or Buy A Home?

Learn the answers to what documents do I need to get a mortgage or buy a house. Get more home buying tips and information about home mortgages and credit.

30 Year Mortgage Vs 15 Year Mortgage – Which is Best?

Choosing between a 30 year mortgage and a 15 year mortgage may be just a matter of of preference and playing it safe. You can always get a 30 year mortgage and make payments like you are paying on a 15 year mortgage.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Buy A Home

Parents – help your kids to buy a home with either down payment or income assistance – better yet help them get ahead in the financial rat race once they leave the nest. Learn more at about why you may want to help your kids buy a home.

What Are My Options If My Mortgage Is More Than My Home’s Value?

What do I do if my home value is less than my mortgage balance? Options include a loan modification program, a short refinance, a short sale, walk away, pay down mortgage with retirement funds, keep paying on time, call, keep calling your mortgage company, create and present financial hardship to your lender.

Should I Get A Personal Mortgage Insurance Policy

Should I Get A Personal Mortgage Insurance Policy is a question asked by many first time home buyers and older repeat buyers. You may get a Personal Mortgage Insurance Policy but it is not necessary if you have enough coverage with your life insurance policy.

Is Credit Counseling Better Than Debt Settlement To Qualify For A Mortgage

Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement are not the same process. Debt Settlement and credit counseling both impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage but in different ways. Use Credit Counseling to reduce interest rates and use debt settlement to reduce debt. Use both to get out of debt to qualify for a home loan.

My Credit Scores Are Less Than 580 – Can I Qualify To Buy A Home?

Buying A Home With Credit Scores Less Than 580 Is Getting Difficult. FHA is your only option since most subprime mortgages are gone. Late payments and collections among other credit problems drop credit scores and keep mortgage lenders from qualifying home buyers with these problems. Here are suggestions for how to buy a home with lower scores.

What Does Do?

What Is GetPreQualified provides mortgage, real estate, credit, and other home related topical education to home buyers and potential home buyers. Get Information, Products and Services related to buying and selling a home.

Mortgage Reform Law To Eliminate AmeriDream and DPAP’s

AmeriDream and Nehemian and other non profit down payment assistance programs are eliminated by Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, HR 3221. You can use a gift for down payment and closing costs if the gift is from a relative. Home builders, home sellers will have tougher time selling their homes.

What Is A RELO Property?

What Is A RELO Property? RELO is short for relocation. RELO Properties are owned by a RELO company, or real estate company, even employer for transferred employees. A home buyer should check with a real estate company’s relocation department for good home buying deals. Employees should check with employer’s HR department.

Which Credit Score Is My Real Credit Score?

Which Credit Score is My Real Credit Score? Many credit reporting companies, credit scoring systems, middle scores, median scores. Only real credit scores that count for a mortgage are from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

My Fiance Has Bad Credit Scores – Will They Hurt My Credit Scores?

My Fiance Has Bad Credit Scores – Will They Hurt My Credit Scores? Getting married does not merge credit reports, credit scores, and credit histories. Credit scores are impacted when spouses become joint account holders and payments are missed. Missed payments will hurt credit scores.

How Do I Start Buying a Home

How Do I Start Buying A Home? Start with home search sites or get pre qualified first. Get A Mortgage first before you search for a home saves time, money, frustration, effort. Know what you can do with confidence then find a home.

What Are Points? Should I Pay Points?

What Are Points? Should I Pay Points? Paying points lowers your mortgage interest rate. Answer the question Do I Pay Points Or Not based on Money, Budget, and Time.

What Happens If My Rate Lock Expires?

What happens if my rate lock expires? If your rate lock expires you need to know what to do to protect yourself. Mortgage companies and mortgage lenders handle expired rate locks differently depending on company policy, interest rates, and who dunnit.